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Are you interested in expanding your assortment of creatures in your collection of mounts? Look no further than the WoW mounts services provided by Ezboost, where you can effortlessly achieve just that! Acquire the most elusive mounts from raids, dungeons, outdoor endeavors, or by completing achievements. Allow our team of skilled boosters to obtain those World of Warcraft mounts that typically require extensive grinding over months or even years. The vast array of Azeroth mounts eagerly await your addition to your ever-growing collection!

Looking to expand your collection of mounts in World of Warcraft?

Whether you're interested in PvP mounts, reputation mounts, or toy collection mounts, there are various sources to choose from. These mounts not only enhance your collection but also complement your transmogs. However, acquiring WoW mounts through easy purchases is a rarity. In most cases, players must dedicate time and effort to farm these creatures and complete skill-based tasks with an element of randomness. For those aiming to obtain the prestigious Thanks for the Carry WoW achievement, a staggering 500 mounts are required. But fear not, as EzBoost offers the option to conveniently purchase your desired mount.

At EzBoost, we have a selection of WoW mounts available for purchase, thanks to our skilled boosters who specialize in mount farming. Obtaining certain mounts requires knowledge of the routes taken by rare mobs that have the potential to drop them, while others necessitate a clear understanding of how to complete specific achievements. The process of acquiring easy mounts in WoW can be time-consuming, while others pose a considerable challenge. Allow us to provide a brief introduction to the various types of mounts that you can acquire through EzBoost.

Collecting mounts in World of Warcraft is a must-do for any dedicated player. Just like the famous catchphrase "Gotta Catch 'Em All" from Pokémon, the goal is to obtain as many mounts as possible.
If you are interested in acquiring WoW mounts, it is recommended to choose ones that present a personal challenge. However, determining which mounts can be considered challenging may be a question. On the other hand, if your goal is to collect all the mounts in the game, there are specific achievements for collectors that can be earned when you reach certain milestones in your mount collection. To obtain these achievements, it is advised to explore the creatures available through the WoW mount boost.
Various types of mounts are available in the game, including PvP mounts, reputation mounts, crafted mounts, mounts obtained from dungeons and raids, mounts from rare creatures, as well as mounts earned through achievements and expansion features.

Crafted Mounts and Reputation Mounts. Get Revered and Enjoy the Rewards!

Earn the esteemed status of Revered and indulge in the bountiful rewards that await, including both meticulously crafted mounts and mounts earned through reputation.

If you have reached a sufficient level in your profession and have the required materials, you have the opportunity to craft certain mounts. There are options such as the WoW Alchemy mount crafts, WoW Engineering mount crafts, and more. Additionally, if you achieve a specific level of reputation with the Dream Wardens faction, you have the chance to acquire mounts like the Reins of the Blossoming Dreamstag. It's worth noting that some reputations from previous expansions may require you to achieve Revered status, but in the case of this particular mount, it can be purchased once you reach Renown 18. However, with the WoW mount boost, you no longer need to personally grind for this reputation!

Mounts From Dungeons and Raids. Ride The Fierce Creatures!

The most coveted mounts in Dragonflight are obtained through the most challenging endeavors. Players opt to purchase WoW mounts online from boosters because acquiring the most impressive ones from endgame content, such as Mythic dungeons or raids, can be a time-consuming and arduous task. For instance, within the Mythic version of the Dawn of the Infinite dungeon, there is a "mount token" called Quantum Courser that grants a random mount from various dungeons to add to your collection. Additionally, there are numerous mounts that drop from the final boss of expansion raids, such as Anu'relos, Flame's Guidance from Fyrakk. Make sure not to miss the opportunity to obtain them all with EzBoost!

Mounts from Rares. Don’t Rely On Luck Anymore!

Of course, a widespread category of mounts are those you can get from rares. These are various mobs scattered in the zones of Azeroth. All you need to do is kill them and hope that they will drop you a mount. Like Cobalt Shalewing from Karokta in Zaralek Caverns. These rare enemies can be looted daily, so you may need thousands of everyday tries in order to succeed. However, even these World of Warcraft mounts can be earned with the boosts from EzBoost if you ask us for help!

Why Should I Buy WoW Mounts?

Where to buy flying mounts WoW has? Of course, you can technically ride auction house mounts WoW or the ones you receive after learning to actually ride mounts. However, usually, everyone has a desired mount they wanna get to impress other players or just to find a fit with the transmog you have. In these cases, EzBoost comes for help as we definitely know how to obtain almost every single mount in the game.

WoW mount boosting offers convenience. World of warcraft 2 person flying mounts can help you transport other people to where you need to go, for example. You can also get WoW secret mount farm to skip some convoluted puzzles. The coolest mount in WoW is a matter of opinion, but all of them are probably pretty annoying to get.

But can’t you get all of them yourself? Well, of course, you can, but you may need years for it. Some people farm a single mount for ages just because they don’t know the most efficient strategies for doing that. Unlike our professional team!

We aim to help you with any new mount or the one from older expansions because we believe you should only do content you enjoy. Farming the one mount for a few years is not in your plans, we suppose!

How Does a WoW Mount Boost Work?

First of all, keep in mind that there are two boosting modes that apply when you are buying WoW mounts online from EzBoost. Sometimes, we use piloted mode. This is when our booster logs into your account to perform a certain set of actions themselves. It is especially useful when you order mounts that can be earned only by individual effort (like Soaring Spelltome which you can get for completion of all Mage Tower challenges).

In some cases (like with the already mentioned mount for the Glory achievement) we use the self-play boosting mode. The WoW mount boost performed that way implies we invite you to the group that conducts the service. Your effort is minimal in that case, and the efficiency is high because the team of professional players does everything instead of you. Sounds like a good deal!

How Can I Buy WoW Mounts?

Where do you buy mounts in WoW? Of course, each mount in WoW is unique, and you can’t buy them directly from us as there is no physical ability to do that. Instead, you buy a service that will get you the mount you desire in the shortest possible time. That’s it! No waiting, no struggles, no exhausting searches for groups. Here are a few steps that perfectly describe how you can buy World of Warcraft mounts from EzBoost.

  1. You visit the mount page on the website and place an order
  2. Our customer support contacts you to discuss the ETA and other details of the service
  3. Boosters invite you to their team or log into your character
  4. Within the discussed ETA you receive the mount you have ordered
  5. You enjoy the result!
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