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Dawn of the Infinite Megadungeon Boost

If you're looking to conquer the megadungeon and reap its riches, our Dawn of the Infinite boost is exactly what you need. This time-travel-themed dungeon is packed with 8 formidable bosses and offers exclusive gear with special abilities, the valuable Paracausal Flakes currency, and a range of challenging achievements that are either time-limited or notoriously hard to acquire. With a Dawn of the Infinite carry, you can guarantee that you won't miss out on a single reward this megadungeon has to offer.

When you purchase a Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon run from our team, rest assured that you will receive a guaranteed completion alongside dependable teammates. Our WoW players, boasting a decade of expertise, will effectively defeat every boss and even offer to trade loot with you if desired. Immerse yourself in the ultimate Dawn of the Infinite Dragonflight mega dungeon run, delivering an unparalleled gaming experience!

WoW Dawn of the Infinite Boost Includes

Dawn of the Infinite boost ETA: ~1 hour.

How Dawn of the Infinite Carry Works 

You will be accompanied by a skilled group of World of Warcraft players who will lead you through the challenging Dawn of the Infinite. Their expertise will guarantee the successful completion of the megadungeon run and ensure that you obtain all the valuable rewards. After the run is finished, the Dawn of the Infinite boost will be concluded.

If you're still undecided, allow us to outline the precise benefits of purchasing Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon runs from our team:

  • A team of 4 boosters with 3000+ RIO score to carry you through the megadungeon quickly and skillfully;
  • When you place an order, we guarantee that a regular DotI run will be completed within an hour. Please note that deathless runs will extend that timeline;
  • Participating in a regular run is effortless and requires no specific gear or skill. You can easily earn rewards without exerting much effort;
  • If you choose the immortal run option, your survival skills and an active involvement will be necessary. Rest assured, we will provide you with an exclusive guide and coaching that cannot be found anywhere else.

Dawn of the Infinite Loot & Rewards

Dawn of the Infinite is the primary piece of content released in Patch 10.1.5, and it features new items that drop from its bosses. Here are some of the Divergent gear you can find:

Double TimeNick of Time
Imbued Frostweave SlippersThe Infinite Hand
Gorehowl, Might of the WarchiefQuel'Zaram, High Blade of the Lion
Traveler's TimesplitterBorrowed Time
Iridal, the Earth's Master-

These items have some unique new stats. Here is what the stats mean:

  • Spirit: chance to refund Mana on ability use;
  • Timestrike: chance to leave an Echo on target that deals additional damage;
  • Demonbane: melee hits have a chance to apply bleed for 5 seconds to Demons;
  • Scourgebane: melee hits deal Holy damage to Undead;

Another interesting reward from the megadungeon is the Reins of the Quantum Courser mount. When you use it, it turns into a random mount from past expansions. This could be a great way to fill your stables with difficult to find or currently unobtainable mounts!

Dawn of the Infinite Megadungeon Carry Requirements

  • Level 70.
  • The service is possible in selfplay mode.
  • Region

  • Select Difficulty

    Select Mode

    Select Wings

    Select Wings

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How do you boost in WoW?

We provide three options for boosting: self-play, piloted and coaching. We prioritize the self-play option so our boosting team will invite you to join a group for your selected activity, and typically, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the outcome.

Is boosting illegal in World of Warcraft?

In terms of legality, the act of players assisting one another in acquiring gold or offering support is permissible. However, the services we offer for a fee are categorized as coaching, which is totally legal.

Is it safe to share my account?

For the ultimate gaming experience in dungeons and raids, select the option to play with one of our skilled teams when adding a product to your shopping cart. Please note that there may be an additional fee for certain services with the self-play option, and some services are available with or without account sharing.

If you have chosen a boost with self-play functionality, make sure you are online at the designated time, receive a direct invitation to join a boost group, and follow the group's lead in defeating bosses to acquire loot; our team will take care of the rest.

How can i pay for boost?

You can pay using a bank card, Paypal or crypto payment. All your data is securely protected and is not stored on the site.

How can i do moneyback (refund)?

If you would like a refund, please contact us using the form provided below or via email – info@ezboost.store and provide us with the following details:

  • Full name;
  • Your order number;
  • Order date;
  • The amount you pay and the method of payment;
  • The reason for your appointment;
  • Acceptable conditions for refunds or changes to services;

By placing an order, you agree that the deadline for returns and/or exchanges is 90 days from the date of payment.

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