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Awakened Raszageth Kill


The purpose of the Awakened Raszageth boost is to successfully overcome the ultimate adversary found within the Vault of the Incarnates raid. This particular run can be completed on various difficulty levels, including normal, heroic, and even mythic modes during awakened week. By joining our skilled raiding guilds, you will have the opportunity to engage in an exhilarating battle against the primary antagonist of the Dragonflight, all while avoiding any unnecessary pressure. Opting to purchase a Raszageth carry provides a convenient and efficient method of obtaining a final boss kill in the Vault of the Incarnates, as well as the chance to acquire some remarkable epic gear.

Now, you have the opportunity to request Raszageth eliminations at any level of difficulty. Whether you prefer normal, heroic, or mythic challenges, there are Raszageth boosting options available every awakened week.

You can order Raszageth kills on any difficulty now. Normal, heroic, and mythic runs for Raszageth boosting are available every awakened week.

Start time: flexible schedule | Boost takes: from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

WoW Raszageth, the Storm Eater boost includes:
  1. Fast Raszageth kill on any chosen difficulty on the awakened week.
  2. Title the Storm-Eater for defeating the boss on the mythic difficulty.
  3. Chance to get 515 (heroic) or 528 (mythic) ilvl gear from this boss.
  4. Free selfplay option (if you want).

Important: Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge: Raszageth FoS achievements are no longer available.

  • Fresh VotI last boss cooldown for heroic;
  • Fresh VotI mythic raid cooldown for mythic Raszageth carry;
  • Vault of the Incarnates raid must be active during the awakened week.

WoW Raszageth Boss Fight

The primary adversary in the Dragonflight expansion is none other than Raszageth the Storm-Eater. This formidable foe, an ancient and mighty proto-dragon, is driven by the desire to annihilate the blue dragonflight in their pursuit of arcane magic. Our valiant heroes must take up the challenge of thwarting Raszageth and her fellow Primalists to prevent them from accomplishing their destructive objective.

In an attempt to craft the narrative for this expansion in a more realistic manner, developers are taking a grounded approach. Gone are the days of universe-threatening perils and outrageously ambitious plots. However, this does not imply that the new primary antagonist is easily defeated. The peril faced by the blue dragonflight is genuine, and heroes must rise to the challenge and put an end to it.

Let’s sum up what we know about the last boss of Vault of the Incarnates:

  1. This fight will reduce the complexity in comparison to the previous raid, whilst also keeping the challenge for players.
  2. Great visuals are to be expected during the fight.
  3. There will be a big narrative hook about the main antagonist of this expansion at the end of the raid.
  4. Development for new characters in this story.

Let’s take a quick look at how you can buy the carry service for Raszageth boss kill.

Raszageth Boosting in VotI raid

We’ve created this service for players who value their time, yet still want to receive some epic Raszageth loot, as well as achievements. Seeing the fight and the story is also a major reason to use Raszageth carry in the season 4 of Dragonflight. With Vault of the Incarnates last boss carry service, you won’t have to stress out about the team's performance and them wiping the raid.

Our Storm-Eater boost will help you to:

  • get Raszageth AotC in the first weeks of Dragonflight’s release;
  • defeat the last boss of VotI raid with our professional raiding guilds;
  • not to stress out about wiping in the raid and wasting hours on retrying;
  • have fun in a chill atmosphere;
  • save hours upon hours of time;
  • get other cool rewards.

Loot from Raszageth Boss Fight

With our quick Storm-Eater carry service, you can receive one of the best gear in the Season 4 of Dragonflight expansion. Here is the approximate ilvl gear that you can expect after killing Raszageth on various difficulties:

  • Normal Raszageth run - 502 ilvl;
  • Heroic Raszageth run - 515 ilvl;
  • Mythic Raszageth run - 528 ilvl.

Raszageth carries are performed with group loot. However, it is possible to add armor type priority to the full run of Vault of the Incarnates. This way you can get much more loot than with group loot.

Our Raszageth carry service will help you to experience this boss in a relaxed way, without any stress. Feel free to contact our customer support team if you have any questions. It is available 24/7. We will be happy to answer any questions or help with additional requests to your order.

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How do you boost in WoW?

We provide three options for boosting: self-play, piloted and coaching. We prioritize the self-play option so our boosting team will invite you to join a group for your selected activity, and typically, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the outcome.

Is boosting illegal in World of Warcraft?

In terms of legality, the act of players assisting one another in acquiring gold or offering support is permissible. However, the services we offer for a fee are categorized as coaching, which is totally legal.

Is it safe to share my account?

For the ultimate gaming experience in dungeons and raids, select the option to play with one of our skilled teams when adding a product to your shopping cart. Please note that there may be an additional fee for certain services with the self-play option, and some services are available with or without account sharing.

If you have chosen a boost with self-play functionality, make sure you are online at the designated time, receive a direct invitation to join a boost group, and follow the group's lead in defeating bosses to acquire loot; our team will take care of the rest.

How can i pay for boost?

You can pay using a bank card, Paypal or crypto payment. All your data is securely protected and is not stored on the site.

How can i do moneyback (refund)?

If you would like a refund, please contact us using the form provided below or via email – info@ezboost.store and provide us with the following details:

  • Full name;
  • Your order number;
  • Order date;
  • The amount you pay and the method of payment;
  • The reason for your appointment;
  • Acceptable conditions for refunds or changes to services;

By placing an order, you agree that the deadline for returns and/or exchanges is 90 days from the date of payment.

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