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Tarisland Leveling Guide

Experience the vast and captivating realm of Tarisland, where a multitude of captivating content and enticing rewards await those who reach higher levels. Luckily, our comprehensive Tarisland Leveling Guide is here to equip you with the most effective strategies for swiftly progressing your character! Tarisland prides itself on a leveling system that is truly one-of-a-kind, setting it apart from other MMORPGs. Regardless of personal preferences, this system maintains an impressive level of equilibrium. If you're curious to understand the mechanics behind its success, let's dive deeper into its intricacies. And for those who are still undecided on which class to choose, be sure to consult our Tarisland Best Classes guide for invaluable insights.

tarisland characters leveling

Effective Ways to Quickly Level Up in Tarisland.

Progression in Tarisland, like many other MMORPGs, necessitates the fulfillment of quests, engaging in combat with formidable creatures, and embarking on expeditions across the vast virtual realm. By undertaking these endeavors, players amass experience points, enabling them to ascend to higher levels, augment their character's prowess, unveil fresh skills, and advance through the captivating narrative and diverse gameplay elements.

Aside from engaging in quests and battling monsters, players have the opportunity to partake in various activities that will contribute to their accumulation of experience points. These activities include crafting, gathering resources, participating in events, and exploring uncharted territories. Furthermore, joining forces with other players to engage in group activities such as dungeons, raids, and PvP will provide a substantial increase in experience points.

Tarisland provides a range of choices to enhance character advancement, accommodating diverse playstyles. The conventional method of leveling entails engaging in quests and battling monsters. However, the innovative Spirit Tree feature offers players the opportunity to select their own path of progression, following distinct branches that align with their individual preferences. This approach empowers players to customize their leveling journey and gameplay to suit their personal tastes.

Within the expansive and ever-changing world of Tarisland, players are presented with a multitude of activities, opportunities, and customization options through its leveling system, offering an immersive gameplay experience that allows them to gain experience and fully enjoy their time in the game.

Here are some methods for gaining XP on Tarisland:

In every MMORPG, the traditional method for accomplishing quests is a gameplay mode that may seem ordinary to certain individuals. The second most prevalent approach involves engaging in raids and dungeons. For players seeking a change from quests and desiring to enhance their character's level alongside a team, this alternative is highly favored.

For a truly captivating and pleasurable gaming experience, it is advised that your character possess a certain level of expertise before partaking in world boss encounters. Incorporating this method into your regular gameplay routine comes highly recommended, as it adds a refreshing and exhilarating element.

On the journey through Tarisland, there is a single hurdle that stands in the way - an experience/level cap that currently exists. This cap restricts the maximum level that can be reached, starting at 10 on the first day of the game's release and gradually increasing to 15 and beyond in the following days. The CBT has confirmed this leveling restriction, although we cannot predict what will happen after the game's official launch. In the upcoming section, we will explore various methods to gain additional experience, unlock rewards, and accelerate progress towards the endgame content.

Completing quests is a key to progress in the game

When playing in the realm of Taris, the most effective strategy for leveling up quickly is to focus on completing quests. Once you finish the prologue, you will be given your first quest, which offers the highest XP rewards and requires the least amount of time compared to other leveling methods.

Quests in the gaming world of Tarisland not only provide entertainment value, but they also offer a wide variety of tasks that allow you to make the most of your time and efficiently gain XP, making them the most effective method for farming experience points.


Within the realm of Tarisland, one can find a prevalent aspect shared among mobile and PC games known as Daily Quests. These quests present players with a diverse range of rewards that have the potential to enrich their overall gaming journey. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the Daily Quest should not be perceived as a means to rapidly advance in levels.

While some players may disregard Daily Quests in favor of farming XP through quests and dungeons, it is important to recognize that these quests can yield a substantial amount of XP and accelerate your advancement, all while unlocking extra rewards. These quests are conveniently accessible in various areas of the game and can be identified by a distinctive violet icon. It is essential to remember that Daily Quests can only be finished once within a 24-hour period.

Dungeon clearing is an effective way to progress and earn rewards

Participating in dungeons is a crucial aspect of the Tarisland leveling system, even though it does not provide a significant boost in XP. Moreover, earning access to dungeons requires reaching a specific level.

tarisland dungeons

Until you reach level 20, your only option is to queue with bots. But once you reach level 20, you can clear the dungeon together with other players to earn experience points and obtain gear loot.

The following is a list of dungeons and their corresponding level requirements that we successfully accomplished during the CBT:

  • Dim Cavern (from level 7)
  • Library of Chaos (from level 13)
  • Camp Carlyan (from level 17)
  • Merfolk Swamp (from level 27)
  • Forest Altar (from level 33)
  • Botanical Garden (from level 37)

All dungeons, except for Dim Cavern, can be accessed in either Normal or Elite difficulties. While dungeons may not be the most efficient method for earning XP, they provide valuable rewards that can greatly improve your future adventures.

Raid content

Raiding, unlike dungeons, is a crucial component of the endgame experience and can be accessed once you reach level 30. However, taking down Raid Bosses can be quite daunting for MMORPG players who lack experience. Additionally, successfully tackling formidable bosses necessitates a reliable and capable team. In essence, engaging in raids can greatly expedite your leveling journey in Tarisland, provided you have a skilled party and a comprehensive grasp of boss mechanics.

List of Raid Bosses that you can battle:

  • Merfolk King
  • Ancient Tree
  • Synthesis Doctor
  • Forest Gemini
  • Archdruid

Discover some valuable Tarisland leveling tips and tricks

As we wrap up our guide, we would like to offer some valuable Tarisland leveling tips that can assist you during your adventure.

Take into account these helpful tips for leveling in Tarisland:

To efficiently replenish your resources without wasting time on trips back to town or waiting for natural regeneration, make use of consumables such as health and mana potions. Enhance your combat prowess and increase your chances of survival by upgrading your gear early in the game with the highest-quality equipment. Take advantage of the dungeons that can be accessed early on, as they offer a great opportunity to obtain valuable rare items.

Improve the efficiency of your party by gathering a dependable team of friends, heightening the likelihood of triumph over formidable end-game raid bosses or accomplishing elite dungeons, all while acquiring top-tier loot. Strategically distribute skill points to enhance your character's efficiency and speed of leveling. Seek out abilities that boost area-of-effect damage, resilience, and combat versatility, and experiment with various skill combinations customized to suit your preferred style of play.

Optimize your speed and efficiency in traversing the game world by utilizing mounts, which can be upgraded to enable flying. Unlock the ability to fly by progressing through the Reputation system in each region. While leveling up in Tarisland may initially seem challenging, the game's mechanism of slowing down highly active players ensures that you can catch up to top-tier players within a few days.



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