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Tarisland Best Class - Tier List Guide PVE&PVP

In this all-encompassing guide, you will uncover the top-tier Tarisland classes for both PvE and PvP gameplay. Additionally, we will provide recommendations for a powerful beginning, solo adventures, and beyond. Whether you excel in close-quarters combat, harness the power of magic to vanquish foes, or prefer a stealthy approach, our tier list will assist you in selecting the ideal class to reign supreme in Tarisland.

In the realm of Tarisland, where gameplay is guaranteed to be completely free from pay-to-win elements, the selection of your character class remains as crucial as ever. We hope that you have been fortunate enough to secure a spot in the Tarisland beta and are prepared to immerse yourself in a vibrant world brimming with thrilling adventures. However, if you are still wondering how to obtain access to the Tarisland beta, we regret to inform you that it is no longer available since the commencement of the Closed Beta Testing phase. Nevertheless, we remain confident that the developers will grant us another opportunity to experience this remarkable creation in the future, during the commencement of the Open Beta phase. Naturally, the ultimate decision of which class to choose rests upon your personal preferences and playstyle. However, it is worth noting that, as is often the case, certain classes tend to outperform others to some extent. 

Our intention is to divide our Tarisland class tier list into distinct sections that outline the optimal classes for both PvE and PvP activities. Additionally, we will provide insights on the most suitable class choices for solo play and for the game's initial release. Lastly, we will discuss the beginner-friendly classes that are particularly well-suited for new players.

Before delving into the optimal class to play in Tarisland, it is crucial to acknowledge that this game is an entirely fresh endeavor and should be approached as such. While initially appearing to be a run-of-the-mill title, Tarisland presents players with the opportunity to choose from 7 distinct classes during the CBT phase. Furthermore, each class offers two distinct specializations, enabling players to fulfill various roles within the game. With its own distinctive playstyle, unique abilities, and captivating mechanics, each class in Tarisland promises an exhilarating experience. Additionally, we anticipate that the developers will continue to introduce new classes in the future, expanding the possibilities even further.

Tarisland Best Class Tier List

Please be advised that the tier list you are about to see is not set in stone and may undergo revisions. We will diligently observe the game's meta progression and make necessary updates as changes occur. It is important to note that the project has not been released yet, so we strongly suggest selecting a class based on its aesthetics and offered playstyle. With this in consideration, let us proceed to our current Tarisland best class tier list displayed below.

PVE Content Tier List

S tier: 

  • Ranger (very strong at release in case of dps)
  • Mage (beast fire dps)
  • Priest (since only raid aoe heal)
  • Phantom necro (best overall heal for every type of content)

A tier:

  • Bard (very good solo target damage)
  • Paladin (consistent tank \ dmg dealer)
  • Shadow swordsman (dmg was nerfed since winter beta test)

B tier:

  • Barbarian fighter (Tier A as Tank role)
  • Warrior

If you're seeking the optimal class for PvE in Tarisland, prioritize Ranger, Mage, Paladin, and Priest based on the provided table. This is because the first two classes excel at dealing long-range damage, minimizing the chances of enemies reaching and retaliating against them. As a Paladin or Priest, you have the flexibility to switch your specialization to tank or healer, respectively, which proves invaluable during raids or dungeon expeditions.

PVP Content Tier List

S Tier:

  • Ranger (beast damage)
  • Mage (strong damage in groups of enemies etc)
  • Shadow swordsman (got nerfed but still can delete 1 target)

A Tier:

  • Barbarian fighter
  • Warrior

B Tier:

  • Paladin
  • Bard
  • Priest

When discussing the optimal class for PvP in Tarisland, it is recommended to choose between the Ranger, Mage, or Shadow swordsman. These three classes possess the ability to inflict remarkable amounts of damage and cater to different types of gameplay. For example, the Ranger excels as a long-range damage dealer and has the option to summon a companion to assist them during combat.

When selecting the Mage class, you have the option to specialize in either Frost or Fire, harnessing the power of nature to obliterate your foes from a distance. Alternatively, you can opt for the Shadow swordsman class, which offers ultimate damage-dealink and cc options.

At this stage of the game, players are primarily focused on PvE content and pay less attention to engaging in PvP battles, making it particularly challenging to create an accurate PvP tier list.

Tarisland Best Classes to Play Solo

For those who find themselves without companions or who enjoy venturing through expansive MMORPG worlds independently, there is a solution available. The Paladin class in Tarisland is particularly well-suited for solo play, as it has the ability to fulfill either a damage-dealing or tanking role depending on the chosen specialization. This versatility proves invaluable, as it allows players to level up and defeat mobs on their own by utilizing the damage-dealing spec. Simultaneously, they can easily switch to the tanking specialization to actively participate in raids or dungeon runs.

Are you more inclined to assume the role of a ranged character in your gameplay? If so, allow me to introduce you to the Priest class. Just like the Paladin, this class offers two distinct specializations, allowing you to either deal damage or provide healing support, depending on your preference. However, it's important to note that the Priest class is considerably more fragile, requiring careful consideration of your positioning during battles. Neglecting this aspect could result in swift defeat, as your health pool is relatively modest.

For gamers who prefer playing solo, Ranger can serve as a viable option, despite having two specializations focused on dealing damage. By opting for the Taming specialization, players can summon a loyal pet to assist them in combat. This greatly simplifies the leveling and farming experience, providing a reliable companion to absorb enemy attacks on your behalf.

Tarisland Best Classes for Beginners

When it comes to Tarisland, a game known for its beginner-friendly nature, certain classes prove to be more accessible for newcomers compared to others. For those lacking experience in MMORPGs, selecting the appropriate Tarisland class at the start is crucial, as it directly impacts both your gaming journey and your proficiency in the early stages of the game.

To begin with, it is essential to determine the defining qualities of an exceptional introductory class. The ideal class should strike a balance between simplicity and efficacy. Essentially, the initial class should possess uncomplicated mechanics, a substantial pool of hit points, and possess adaptability that makes it suitable for various types of content. By opting for a class of this nature, one can undoubtedly endure even the most challenging battles while exerting the utmost influence.

To embark on your journey, the Warrior class is the optimal choice due to its robust Health pool, formidable offensive capabilities, and the versatility of two distinct specializations. When focusing on farming and leveling, the Fury specialization is the ideal path to follow. However, when preparing for a raid or dungeon expedition, seamlessly transitioning to the War Shield specialization is highly recommended.

If you're seeking an alternative that offers a wider range, consider exploring the Mage class. While primarily focused on dealing damage, Mages possess the incredible power to annihilate foes through the manipulation of Ice and Fire. Mastering this class is not overly challenging, as the ability rotation is straightforward, with the key emphasis being on maintaining proper positioning.



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